SLIPO’s main objective is to deliver the missing technologies for addressing the data integration challenges of POI data in terms of coverage, timeliness, accuracy, and richness.

In SLIPO, we argue that Linked Data technologies can address the limitations, gaps and challenges of the current landscape in integrating, enriching, and sharing POI data. Our goal is to transfer the research output generated by our work in project GeoKnow, to the specific challenge of POI data, introducing validated and cost-effective innovations across their value chain.

In a nutshell, SLIPO will develop software and processes for:

  • Transforming several conventional POI formats into Linked POI Datasets
  • Interlinking POIs from different data sources and thus handling deduplication and the lack of common identifiers for POIS
  • Fusing Linked POI entities, providing this way complete, more accurate and more timely POI descriptions
  • Enriching POI profiles by utilizing third party datasets and extracting POI metadata from unstructured data sources
  • Assessing the quality of both the POI datasets and the processes that integrate them
  • Offering value added services on Linked, Enriched POI data, by exploiting thematic, temporal and spatial metadata and associations between POIs.

What will be the potential impact of SLIPO?