SLIPO publication in SSTD 2019


We are happy to announce that our paper “Exposing Points of Interest as Linked Geospatial Data” has been presented at SSTD 2019!

The 16th International Symposium on Spatial and Temporal Databases was held in Vienna, Austria, 19-21 August 2019, and was attended by more than 60 participants, most of them distinguished researchers from top-tier universities and research institutes around the world.

In this paper, based on our work in SLIPO, we proposed a comprehensive and vendor-agnostic data model to represent multi-faceted and enriched POI profiles. Harnessing the versatility of Linked Data technologies, this semantically rich ontology accommodates and extends existing POI formats for assembling and managing POI data from heterogeneous sources. Furthermore, we presented the open-source software TripleGeo, which can effectively transform POI data from diverse sources and formats (geographical files, databases, and semi-structured data) to their RDF representations and vice versa. Thus, it is possible to import POI data from various existing systems and products, transfer and address the data integration challenges in the Linked Data domain, and export back the results. To address scalability over large POI datasets, TripleGeo can be executed in multiple concurrent threads or employ data partitioning for even faster transformation on top of Apache Spark cluster infrastructures. Both aspects of this work have been applied and empirically tested in the context of SLIPO, confirming the validity and efficiency of this framework for a variety of real-world POI assets and formats, underscoring its robustness to cope with scalable data volumes.

Feel free to try the latest version 1.9 of our TripleGeo software, offering even more flexibility in transformation of large POI datasets from/to RDF.