EYDAP confirms data-driven challenges


0 Comments May 29, 2014 News

EYDAP is a consortium partner in DAIAD, responsible for one of our planned trials in the city of Athens, Greece. It is the biggest water utility in Greece, one of the largest in South-East Europe, and due to the geographical characteristics of Attica, a challenging example of the complexities required for efficient water management. EYDAP serves approximately 4,300,000 customers through an extensive network of 2,020,000 water meters and a 9,500 km of water pipes. The sewerage sector serves 3,500,000 residents with sewers spreading at almost 6,000 km. Over the years, EYDAP has successfully addressed problems with water scarcity, droughts, water delivery, and water quality.

Members of the DAIAD consortium had the opportunity to discuss with EYDAP’s Executive Director for Development & Infrastructure the purpose of DAIAD and explore its potential applications. In the meeting, representatives from several units of EYDAP were also present (e.g. metering, billing), thus giving us the chance to dive deeper into the real-world challenges EYDAP is facing. Feedback, comments, and anecdotes from all participants reaffirmed the focus of DAIAD, but also highlighted greater data-driven problems. Challenges regarding data quality, coverage, and granularity, materialize as lack of insight when dealing with short-term and long-term business planning.

It has been a great pleasure to collect such valuable feedback, and integrate it in the user requirements of DAIAD. Also, we are looking forward to discuss such challenges with more water utilities around the world!