Amphiro wins Water Innovation Award!


0 Comments Jul 8, 2014 News

It is our great pleasure to announce that Amphiro, one of the partners in the DAIAD consortium, has won the 2014 WssTP Water Innovation SME Award!

The winners were honoured during the first day of the Water Innovation Europe 2014 conference which was held under the title ‘ Water in Europe: Green Tape or Blue Gold?’  on 25th and 26th of June at the Diamant Centre in Brussels.

The Water Innovation SMEs Awards were launched by WssTP for the first time this year, with the aim to support the economic opportunities for the European water sector and especially the small and medium enterprises in Europe. The WssTP  Working Group Techwatch, together with the WssTP Innovation and Technology Advisory Board (iTAB), chose  4 outstanding applications on the basis of their innovation, market potential and exploitation strategy.

Among the submitted technologies for the WssTP Water Innovation SMEs Awards were: graphene sorbent, knowledge management tools, network of drinking water stations, monitoring and control platforms, efficient water management in agriculture, water treatment flight simulator, crowd sourced water quality monitoring and micribiological water quality monitoring. The innovations of the 4 winning SMEs were identified, as the best practices in their field of application with high market potential.