FOSS project PublicaMundi convenes at FOSS4G-Europe

EU funded project PublicaMundi has set out to enhance CKAN, the well known, widely used data catalogue, with advanced geospatial capabilities. Several leading FOSS geospatial tools and libraries are extended and integrated in CKAN, slowly making open geospatial data first-class […]

rasdaman going Space

Conquering Big Data means: get the code to the data. The Big Data Analytics engine of PublicaMundi, rasdaman, now has been selected to drive this to the extreme. It will be installed on board a satellite so that geo analytics […]

PublicaMundi GeoDataCamp

PublicaMundi is an FP7 project with the aim to democratize open geospatial data publishing and reuse, making easier for data publishers to share and for developers to discover and reuse data. And to accomplish this goal, we need your help! […]

Surveys available: what do you think about open geospatial data?

PublicaMundi aims to make open geospatial data easier to publish, view, and reuse. Regardless of how you are involved in the open data life-cycle, we would like to hear your thoughts. Your responses, ideas, and insights can help us devise […]

Project facts


PublicaMundi is a research project proudly funded by European Commission's 7th Framework Programme.

Project Full Title: Scalable and Reusable Open Geospatial Data

Instrument: Small or medium scale focused research project (STReP)

Objective: ICT-2013.4.3 SME Initiative on analytics

Call: FP7-ICT-2013-SME-DCA

Grant Agreement No: 609608

Duration: 24 months (11/2013 - 10/2015)