Here you can find select presentations providing an overview of DAIAD, its components, and our research results. We will be updating this space frequently, so come back soon!

  • DAIAD Overview (2014). This is a nice introduction to DAIAD which we give to audiences listening about DAIAD for the first time. Technical jargon is kept to a minimum so the presentation can be safely used in various communities, even students!
  • DAIAD Overview (2015). An updated presentation of the project and our work, including our progress so far! You can find more details about the development of our water sensor and mobile applications. Once more, technical jargon is minimal, but we do mention a few things about Big Data.
  • DAIAD – The Big Picture (2015). This presentation was prepared for our first Open Water Day in Athens! In a more detailed, but very simple manner, we present the challenges for water and how DAIAD contributes to addressing them. Why is water important for our lives? What are the challenges we will face in the future? How can we, as consumers, help in saving water? And how does DAIAD fit in this picture? We have given this presentation even to children, so you can also safely use it to spread the word about water challenges to everyone!