Copernicus Big Data Workshop

On the 13 and 14 March, the European Commission organised a Workshop on the subject of Copernicus Big Data. As Sentinels are progressively launched and the full set of Copernicus services becomes operational, the volume of data and information generated by Copernicus will continually grow in the coming years. The challenges to ensure access to “Big Data” have been discussed at the occasion of this workshop from different perspectives. You can find a list of all presentations here.

PublicaMundi was invited in the workshop, as one of the few projects of DG CNECT’s Data Value Chain Unit, working on Big Geospatial Data. You can find our presentation here.

PublicaMundi GeoDataCamp (Athens)

PublicaMundi performed its first GeoDataCamp, on the 30th of May, 2014. The event took place in Athens, Greece, right in the heart of our growing innovation and open community, InnovAthens. The invitation was published here, and we welcomed 30 data publishers and developers working with open geospatial data. Our attention was focused on presenting the motivation, technical architecture and upcoming services of PublicaMundi in order to gain valuable feedback.

Our presentations are available here:


Implementing and with FOSS4G

Interested on finding out how FOSS4G can support national open geospatial data catalogues? In this presentation you can discover how pycsw, CKAN, PublicaMundi, and a number of other great open source software projects are used to power and

You can find our presentation here.

PublicaMundi Features

With the official PublicaMundi project ending, we have assembled a list of the most important features of the PublicaMundi software. Without going into technical details, this presentation can help you understand who can benefit from the software, who can use it, as well as the most important features for geospatial data publishing, use, and reuse.

You can find our presentation here and its source code here.

You can find our presentation here.