Open Water Days Madrid


0 Comments Aug 11, 2017


In June, DAIAD organised the Open Water Days Madrid, an open event celebrating bottom-up participation and social innovation for improving water efficiency through and exhibition and a workshop. The event was extremely successful in terms of participation, attracting interest from active citizens, students, researchers, media, and local stakeholders. The selected venue  was the Impact Hub Madrid, a member of the international Impact Hub network. Its privileged location in the city centre took also advantage of its existing community of creators and makers.

The exhibition guided the visitors through the challenges of water sustainability, going from the global to the local level, making them reflect on an often invisible reality, and consider their own role in the conservation of resources. Starting from this point, their were invited to discover how DAIAD has developed technology to provide meaningful information to the consumers, empowering them to make a responsible use of water.

On the second day, the workshop presented DAIAD’s motivation, goals and development to the participants, and subsequently introduced them to methodologies of Design Thinking. The attendees, organised in groups, were then asked to apply the information and techniques provided to propose innovative solutions following and active dynamic which included on the street interviews to citizens. The ideas elaborated by the teams were exposed under the format of “elevator pitch”, and  the best valued proposal, chosen by an expert jury, received an award in recognition of their work.

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