Visit us at the Museo de Aguas de Alicante


0 Comments Apr 18, 2016 News

The Water Museum of Alicante (Museo de Aguas de Alicante) is a cultural and educational space in which visitors can learn about the influence of water on the history of the city, the different methods of extraction, the supply of drinking water since the 19th century and the application of new technology.

Open since February 2009, it has come about as a result of a business proposal on the event of the 110th Anniversary of Aguas de Alicante, in conjunction with the local city council, to create a space that will promote knowledge, respect and the importance of water in the day-to-day lives of citizens. More than 70,000 people have already visited the site of the Museum of Water of Alicante; a living entity, undergoing constant content renewal, which adapts its subject matter and resources at all times to the needs of visitors, making it an enlightening experience for all of them.

DAIAD is proud to announce that visitors of the museum can now experiment with DAIAD technologies in a permanent exhibit space!

Our partner Aguas de Alicante, has developed a fully functioning shower integrating our smart shower sensor and mobile applications, enabling all visitors to interact with DAIAD technologies, understand how they can save water, and learn about the impact ICT technologies can have for sustainable water use.

Next time you visit Alicante, come take a look!