Six month project meeting


0 Comments Sep 23, 2014 News

Shockingly, already six months has passed since the initial kick off meeting in Athens!  The six month project meeting was held in  Oxford at one of the University colleges. As a pleasant surprise for other project partners the weather in England was delightful, ironically without a drop of rain in sight. After a swift catch up we quickly started on the project work and begun to receive and give updates about the progress throughout the work packages. A very decisive discussion was held about the path forward for the architecture of the system and technical feasibility of hardware and software elements. It was good to have this finalised in such an elementary stage of the project. Going through the work packages took  the majority of the first day but was incredibly useful to understand the advancements that have been made to date. Following concluding the official project proceedings for the day, the opportunity was taken to enjoy the sunshine and take some photos of quintessential Oxford scenery and sights.

The following day all partners met sharpish and we began to discuss finer details of the project moving forward, the majority of the discussion revolved around the requirements of generating data for testing. We explored the development of a synthetic data generator but also began to think about the possibility of liaising with other FP7 projects to utilise their ‘real’ data for testing purposes of DAIAD.

It was a delightful project meeting  and was really productive. We were so efficient with the work that there was still a bit of time after to enjoy the last of the English sunshine!