DAIAD at Sustainable St Albans Week


0 Comments Nov 6, 2015 News

St Albans is celebrating environmental sustainability for a whole week (21-28 November), with more than 100 events organized by the community and for the community.

Waterwise and DAIAD will be there, raising awareness about water challenges, demonstrating how DAIAD can help everyone improve their water efficiency, and also recruiting volunteers for our imminent large scale pilot in the district!

We are proud to announce that in a few months residents of St Albans will be able to participate in a 12 month pilot of novel water monitoring technologies developed by DAIAD.

DAIAD has created a new way for you to monitor and understand how much water you use, helping you make informed decisions and reduce your water use. A new smart water sensor for your shower will enable you to understand how much water you use. You will have access to this information from your mobile phone, the web, even in your shower.

Waterwise has managed to secure that 100 residents of St Albans residents can participate in the pilot for free!

So if your leave in the St Albans district and want to help us shape the future of water efficiency technologies, come and meet us!

You can find more information about the planned pilot in here:

And of course, you can express your interest for participating in the pilot by completing the survey available at www.daiad.eu/join