GeoLabsGEOLABS is a high-tech SME providing geospatial management solutions world-wide based on open source technologies. GeoLabs is leading the development of numerous open source geospatial projects and provides SaaS/PaaS services for geospatial data. GeoLabs has developed MapMint (, a complete web based web mapping infrastructure, participated in the development of, the development of the Senegal’s National Cadastre. Furthr, it provides commercial cloud-based GIS services, and contributes in numerous open source projects. More…

Key Personnel

Gerard Fenoy is the CEO and founder of GeoLabs. He has extensive experience in the design and development of open source geospatial applications, with particular emphasis in geospatial databases, mapping frameworks, OGC services and cloud computing. He is an Individual member of the OGC and Charter member of OSGeo, the founder and PSC Chair of the ZOO-Project, and the maintainer of the PostGIS community site in France

David Saggiorato is an engineer specialized in services oriented architecture scalability and security.